Light, transportable, easy to use, automated and compatible with the main handheld 3D scanners.

Compatible 3D Sensors

Fuboss is compatible with most of infrared based 3D sensors on the marquet extracting all the potential of them.

Please note that 3D sensor is not included.


Sense, 3D Systems®

iSense, 3D Systems®


Kinect, Microsoft®

Kinect 2, Microsoft®

Structure, Occipital®

Orbbec Astra®

Artec EVA®, Artec®



Controlling Fuboss

Scanning all the time the same model is not our task, not even several times. In fact, only one scan must be sufficient, and each model have its own particularities. This type of handy scanners need more emphasis on the most intricate parts. Things like hair, stance, height, dress, etc, will be different and we need to adapt the scanning in each case.
In summary,we need a realtime and precise control that allow adapting. So, everybody knows well how to use a joystick. It's an interiorised method for controlling anything, and it allows us to center all our attention on task.




Now you can make your 3D scannings with only pressing a button. Thanks to the new digital Joystick and its REC & PLAY function.
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Fuboss doesn't include any 3D Sensor, you can mount on it whatever you prefer. SENSE is a TM property of 3D Systems®, KINECT is a TM property of Microsoft®, Structure is a TM property of Occipital Inc., Xtion PRO LIVE is a TM property of ASUS®, Orbbec Astra is a TM property of Orbbec®, Artec EVA is a TM property of Artec®

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