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I'm industrial engineer with production specialization, six years co-owner of a digital printing shop and for three years, R&D, project and quality manager in a plastic injection factory in which we produce accessories for the main pyrotechnics around the world. My designs have been used in so important events as Super Bowl, Olympics,Dubai new years eve and Eurovision, to name a few.

I'm an enthusiast of 3D revolution and how the continuous advances in additive manufacturing are changing the play rules. Ever more people have access to these little wonders that are 3D printers and a lot of them are using them to make a lot of amazing products. To this affordable production capability, we have to add recently the 3D scanners. Thanks to some companies and a lot of individual people, now we also have the possibility of capturing real objects to create new ones.


As I said, I admit mi passion for this "3D revolution" and I couldn't resist to buy my own 3D scanner, a year ago. But soon I found that to realize the scans was to be very complicated. To realize a full body scan with this type of scanners is near impossible. You need to pay attention to the computer screen and not asphyxiate your model with the cable all at the same time. Ok, may be with a notebook computer in one hand and the scanner in the other hand... ups, then I need a palace to do it, because maintaining the needed distance around the model and not to collide with furnishing and walls is very dificult. But I decided not to give as lost my investment and to make my own scan system.


During the designing process of Fuboss and the prototype construction I noticed that there are no similar products on the market, and that may be my work could be featured to other enthusiast of 3D revolution. Is then when Fuboss was born.

HM Digital C.B.

C/ Maestrat, 1.

46520 Sagunto (Spain)


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