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It was at 2014 when we began our adventure with what would later be called Fuboss (Full Body Scan System). It was from a needing, in that year, we acquired a handheld 3D scanner with the aim of offering at our digital printing shop a 3D scanning and printing service, creating what now is known as 3D selfies. Soon we noticed that this was not going to be an easy task. We needed an easy, fast, reliable and professional way to obtain the 3D scans, but our handheld scanner didn't offer it to us by itself. After this first disappointment we did a search in the market of something that could solve our problem but we didn’t obtain satisfactory results. From this point we started a process for developing a new scanning system that let us to make the full body 3d scans easily using our handheld 3d scanner. This development period took about one year, after that we already had a working prototype and also we realized that this same rig could solve the same problem to other people. After that, at the year 2105, we decided to start a crowdfunding campaign to introduce and produce Fuboss. It was from this moment when we published our website and our Youtube channel with the aim of show Fuboss and which later it would help us to continue with the project, being completely convinced of its utility and that it could give a solution to other professionals who were looking to use this emerging technology. It was at 2016 when we produced and shipped the first units of Fuboss to our first customers. Since then, we are proud of have been able to collaborate with a multitude of customers like universities, institutions, fashion companies, optics, jewelry, gyms and a host of professionals to make feasible their own projects.

HM Digital C.B.

C/ Maestrat, 1.

46520 Sagunto (Spain)


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