The most affordable way to have your own 3D body scanning rig. It's perfect for 3D selfies, fashion, fitness, health, custom accessories, and anything you can imagine.

What is Fuboss?

Fuboss is an automated tooling for the 3D scanning of people or medium sized objects. It’s the most affordable and versatile option in the market to have your own 3D body scanning system.

It was designed for giving a solution to the existing difficulties in using the existing 3D handheld scanners for making a full body scan. It consists on a tower in which is mounted one of the many 3D cameras compatible with Fuboss. This tower allows you to move the camera upward, downward and tilt the scanner with a total control of the speed and direction. Additionally, Fuboss includes its own lighting system that can be installed near of the RGB camera lens, obtaining a uniform illumination and avoiding shadows and blurs. The rig incorporates a turning platform that will spin the model during the process with a full control of the speed and direction. Every movement is managed by means of a 3 axis industrial joystick. The digital version of this joystick can store a complete scanning sequence and reproduce it as many times you want, converting Fuboss in a complete automated 3D body scanning system. Know more.

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Why Fuboss?


Easy to use. You can precisely control all the process by means of its joystick.



It avoids the cable tangling the model because you don't move around him.



Fuboss brings a formal and professional way for scanning your customers.



Fuboss speeds up the scanning process, improving your customers experience.


No more tripping with furniture, walls, chairs, tables,etc.



Only sit in front of your computer, press a buton, and take your scan.



Fuboss needs much less space to operate than other systems. It's perfect for most rooms.


Take your Fuboss where you need thanks to its small size, low weight and easy assembling.


You choose the camera, you choose the software, you choose the field of application.

Fuboss doesn't include any 3D Sensor, you can mount on it whatever you prefer. SENSE is a TM property of 3D Systems®, KINECT is a TM property of Microsoft®, Structure is a TM property of Occipital Inc., Xtion PRO LIVE is a TM property of ASUS®, Orbbec Astra is a TM property of Orbbec®, Artec EVA is a TM property of Artec®

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