The most affordable way to obtain your own 3D body scans ready for 3D printing. It's fast and easy!

The first user friendly system and the most economical way to make quality 3D body scans ready for 3D printing. Turn any person or medium size objects into digital 3D models. Fuboss extracts the full potential of cost-effective compatible handy 3D scanners.

Thanks to its affordability, Fuboss is the better option if you don't want to invest a lot of money in expensive and sophisticated hardware. It's the perfect choice if you are thinking in offering your own 3D selfies service, custom wearables, anthropometry, etc, or if you are a creator or hobbyist.

Our compromise to offer the better quality is important for us. With a thorough design to make a compact, durable and professional system and manufactured using specifically designed parts and hi-quality components.

  • Easy to use with only a joystick.
  • Without cables coiling around the model.
  • Fast, full scan in only few minutes and ready to be printed.
  • No more "Lost Traking" messages that makes you to start again and again.
  • All the quality that brings your 3D scanner.
  • Perfect colors without shadows nor blurs.

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Why Fuboss?

There are in the market several 3D sensors at a low price, providing the public with a very useful tool for creativity, but most of them have the same drawbacks. Fuboss allows to use them at their full potential, eliminating these drawbaks and any troubles generated by the manual scanning.


Fuboss brings a more formal and profesional way for scanning your clients. It avoids the needing of moving around the person and that the cable tangling him.

Fuboss needs much less space to operate. Moving the model and not yourself around it, the space requirements are significantly reduced. No more collide with furniture, walls, chairs, tables, etc.

Easy to use. You can precisely control all the process by means of its joystick. Only sit in front of your PC and take your scan. Now you can put full attention to the screen.

Fuboss have its own lighting system, which help us to illuminate the model properly, obtaining a good color reproduction without shadows or patches.

See the Learn More section to know Fuboss in detail.

Obtain quality scans of people or medium size objects ready for 3D printing.

Fuboss doesn't include any 3D Sensor, you can mount on it whatever you prefer. SENSE is a TM property of 3D Systems®, KINECT is a TM property of Microsoft®, Structure is a TM property of Occipital Inc., Xtion PRO LIVE is a TM property of ASUS®, Orbbec Astra is a TM property of Orbbec®, Artec EVA is a TM property of Artec®

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